What Motivates a Consumer to Purchase a Product?

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Whenever anyone in business is making a marketing decision, the first question they ask themselves is why will my consumer buy my product? That forms the foundation and basis for all strategies and tactics required to compel your customer into trusting your brand.

If you are trying to understand what will motivate your customer then read ahead to find out.

Personal Gain

The very first aspect any customer will look for is personal gain. Why should they take interest in your product? What’s in it for them? Your brand or product must have a unique selling point to convince your customers that you have what it takes to have the privilege of having them as your customers. Essentially, according to human psychology, people connect with others or take action only if they see their benefit in it.

When customers decide to purchase your product, they are investing their hard-earned money into it as well as the time to do their research behind your brand or product. Give them a good reason to make their time and money worth it.


So much of consumer psychology is driven by boredom and the need to feel delighted by tangible things. This is where the concept of retail therapy stems from. If your product can obviate personal problems, stress, or any form of load then, consumers will not hold themselves back away from buying it. The top reason that people buy clothes is so that they can go home and feel good about it.

There are experts in the field of behavioral science and economics that do such intense analytics on the link between consumerism and human psychology. You can contact them via email by using websites such as getemail.io to get emails.  

Social Media Influence

Influencer marketing is driven by the fact that people are hugely inspired to buy a particular product when they see their favorite celebrities or influencers use that particular product. Followers of influencers are loyal to them and listen to them.

When people connect on social media, they exchange dialogue and opinions which are honest and relatable. So when someone sees a good or bad review of your product, they are highly influenced by it.


Another big factor that is driven by social media is familiarity. For example, if a consumer has been eying a blue crop top but can’t find it on any e-commerce platform. If you have been selling a similar top on your website, the chances that the consumer buys it are very high.

This is where recommendation systems and social media analytics play a huge role. You need to have the data to figure out what consumer interests are and how to pander to their demands.


As someone behind the line, you need to get into your audience’s shoes and understand what will convince you to make the purchasing decision. The reason experts ask to draft any kind of content around the prospective audience is so that they are encouraged to buy the product on their willingness.



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