• Geoff Schultz and Sue Waudby Quarantining in Mexico


    Geoff Schultz and Sue Waudy sail through South and Central America. They have been doing this every year for the last 20 years. However, the journey they made this year might turn out to be the most memorable one.

    Waudby and Schultz flew to Guatemala from Boston where their sailboat is usually docked in January for starting with their yearly sailing cruise across South and Central America. They had a slow start as they were experiencing some problems with the vessel which kept them docked at Guatemala’s marina longer than they had expected. However, they started sailing in February mid.

    As the residents of Marlborough started to sail in Italy, the coronavirus pandemic that had started in China has started seizing the whole world. Waudby and Schultz are the founders of Fresh Start Furniture Bank at Hudson. This is an organization which provides needy families with one-time help in …


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