10 Things Dubai Does Better Than Anywhere Else

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‘Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place.‘ Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dubai is one of the most admiring places to go in the world. It has maintained the quality of services for all. It has become a world pioneer in many sectors due to the relentless hard work and ambition of its leaders.

Every year, Dubai welcomes millions of tourists from around the world to explore the rich and diverse heritage it has to offer. Here comes a question, why is everyone going to Dubai?  Read on to find the answer to this question.

1.Most Sanitised Place in COVID-19

Dubai has the status as one of the most sanitised places in the season of COVID- 19. Due to this, there is a lower infection rate, making it the safest place to go in the world. No one can move out of his home without masks. Moreover, they also follow the rules of physical distance in this state.

2.Safe and Reliable Booking

Dubai is presenting a safe booking of its airlines in the world. All passengers have to submit the COVID-19 negative test to get their booking in Dubai airlines. Moreover, re-testing in PCR of Dubai airlines re-confirms their testing. They ensure the safety of their state and passengers. Any Covid positive patient cannot come in or go out of the state. They follow all standards of the World Travel and Tourism Council for their services.

3.International Connectivity Approach

Dubai has achieved the status as one of the highly connected places in the world. They have developed aviation hubs and have maintained the digital demands of the present world. Its location between Oman and Saudi Arabia has given it an edge for airline connectivity to the world. A traveller who is going to stay here will have an easy connection to the world.

4.Best Malls for Shopping

Dubai’s shopping malls have to cope with their weather challenges and present their customers’ best services. Their unmatched architecture allows one to meet with friends, find amusement places, and the best shopping in the world.

5.Royal Foods Availability

Their restaurant systems and their services are the best in the world. You will not get better tea in the world than in the usual cafés of Dubai. Air conditioning systems will let you eat in a comfortable environment. Once you come to their restaurants, you are going to remember them forever.

6.Memorable Adventures

Dubai is full of adventures for travellers, presenting the best and largest theme park, the most prominent museums, stunning architectural mosques, to name a few. Tourists will not be bored in this place of limitless adventures.

7.Improved Life

Dubai has technological advancements and a better economy. It has resulted in an improved lifestyle of residents. People from all over the world and all walks of life like going there due to better living facilities. Dubai presents a better life status for all classes of people.

8.Astonishing Architecture

The astonishing architecture of Dubai fascinates the world. Skyscrapers on both sides of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai are masterpieces of architecture. Burj Khalifa of Dubai is the tallest building in the world. Zabeel Park, Capital Gate, etc., are the impressive architectural pieces of Dubai.

9. Best Camel Care

Arabians have affiliation with camels for thousands of years. In Dubai, Camel Hospital is the best camel care hospital globally, giving an edge to Dubai.

10.Advanced Cultural Sites

Dubai’s Coffee Museum, Dubai’s Women Museum, Cinema Akil, Alserkal Avenue, etc., are the famous museums to visit. Moreover, Over the last decade, Dubai has seen an increased passion in the arts. Saadiyat Island lies off the coast of Abu Dhabi, and it is dedicated to the promotion of the region’s cultural interests. You will find the world’s second Louvre Museum in Dubai too.



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