Welcome to Taj Connemara – The Gateway to the South!!

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Taj Connemara Chennai encapsulates the grace of the heritage edifice’s resplendent past while it gallantly stands out as one of the prominent landmark hotels in Chennai. Handed over by renowned retailers Spencer and Co. in 1984, the rich piece of history was rechristened as the Taj Connemara, in honour of Lord Connemara, the Governor of Madras, whosecurious tales are found in the ornate architectural displays across the hotel.

Celebrated as one of the top luxury hotels in Chennai, the venerable landmark is the oldest hotel in the city with a history that dates back to 1854 when it was known as the Imperial. Refurbished to its current glory, the elegant rooms in its Heritage and Tower wings still weave alluring tales of its magnificent heritage along with the grand wooden staircase that stands testimony to the rich South Indian culture with its intricate stonework display.A guided tour of the hotel throws light on the myriad influences that have sculpted the city of Chennai. Discover the heritage through numerous anecdotes and tales that shaped its character from the solitary house on the Choultry Plain by the bend of the Cooumriver, to the grandeur that is Taj Connemara.

With a city full of cultural offerings, Taj Connemara serves as the bridge between the immortal past and the contemporary evolutions. Take an exclusive tour with Storytrails and draw an illustrious picture of the erstwhile Madras through the tales embalming spectacular British-era buildings that speak of grand ambitions, daily struggles and unexpected revolutions. Soak valuable insights about the icehouses along the prominent Marina Beach, the Indo-Saracenic architecture of Madras University, the charms of Sahukarpet as well the Buckingham canal, and the influence of Madrasi culture in Yale university.Retrace the history that surrounds the traditional textile industry, performing arts, and the UNESCO heritage site, Mahabalipuram temple, as well as stop to relish some appetizing Tamil street food.

Seek an authentic gastronomic experience in one of three noteworthy restaurants that add magnificence to the acclaimed signature hotel. Relive history with skilfully recreated traditional Chettinad cuisine while being seated under lush foliage at Raintree. Sip onmeticulously curated hot beverages accompanied by a colonial selection of sweet and savoury bites over afternoon high tea, an authentic British cultural tradition, at the Lady Connemara Bar & Lounge.The bar also flaunts a myriad range of heritage-inspired cocktails and nostalgic hand-rolled cigars. Savour a classic English delicacies as well as traditional Anglo-Indian dishes and royal platters from the kitchens of the Nawab of Arcot at Verandah.

Other notable things to do while on your stay in one of the best 5-star hotels in Chennai include-

  • Add new insights to your factbook while appreciating heritage artworks at the Indian Art Museum
  • Take a stroll in the oldest shopping mall in India, the Spencer Plaza, which was one of the largest shopping malls of South Asia of its time
  • Soak in the timeless past and the cultural heritage reflected in the numerous places of worship
  • Take a day trip to Puducherry to treat your taste buds to delectable French cuisine while soaking in the hues of European and classic Tamilian culture
  • Go on a curated tour of Tamil Nadu’s capital neo-Gothic style Santhome Cathedral, Shiva Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Government Museum, Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Dakshinachitra
  • Stroll along the tranquil waters of the beach with your partner while enjoying the picturesque sunset view

Experience grandeur enveloped in heritage that moulded Madras, in one of the oldest imperial landmarks of Southern India.



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