Important Things To Carry With You On A Sailing Holiday

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When it comes to doing the packing for a vacation of sailing, it is never an easy task a lot of us may be the first timer. So here are some few tips which will help you in preparing for your next adventure at the sea. Although what to carry and what not to on sailing vacations entirely depends on you and the type of sailing vacation you have in your mind.

It is quite clear that most of the sailboats are very less spacious for storing all of your stuff, so it is never a good idea to do packing without customizing your stuff and leaving the belongings which are not necessary. It is very important to comprehend which things are required for your trip and which are the belongings you can easily do without. Just remember the less stuff you take, the better it is.

So, first of all, pack your belongings in duffel bags. They are one of the best choices for yachts because they are really soft and can be easily stashed away.

Currency and documents

You will definitely need your ID card or passport and their duplicates as well. In case, if you are going to become a skipper, then make sure to bring your certificates of sailing. And if you are thinking about hiring a vehicle, then take your driving license also. Also, take your holiday documents for holiday insurance and medical card.

It is highly recommended that you should bring a combination of credit cards and cash. As some small ports may not have ATMs or banks.

Medication and toiletries

No matter where you are, the first thing that you always think about is your lovely skin. Since you will spend most of your time under the scorching sun, be sure to take sunscreen. Don’t forget your seasickness medications, insect repellents, and prescription drugs. Taking post-sun lotion, lip balm, and band-aids with you are also recommended.


Try to keep it as simple as possible, when it comes to taking clothes with you. Sailing basically requires comfortable clothes. And if you are going in summer, like most of the people, then bring light T-shirts, shorts, dresses and needless to say a bathing suit.

Make sure to take a light jacket and a waterproof windbreaker because it gets cold in the evenings. Also, bring a couple of non-slip shoes that should stick properly to the boat’s plastic surfaces, in case they get wet.

Here is a list of footwear and clothing items for your sailing trip:

  • A pair of T-shirts
  • Some bathing suits
  • One waterproof windbreaker
  • Minimum 2 long sleeves shirts
  • Pullover/light jacket
  • 2 pants
  • Minimum 5 to 6 shorts
  • Sandals, flip-flops, and shoes

It is also necessary to have some clothes to prevent your body from sunburn like sarongs, cover-ups etc.


Some necessary gadgets for day to day work are:

  • External battery
  • A hub of USB charging
  • Camera
  • Aux Cable
  • Portable Speaker

Some other important items

  • Beach towels
  • A couple of sunglasses
  • Walking gear
  • 1 small sized torch
  • Dry bag
  • Sunhat
  • Snorkeling gear

So here is a complete guide for your clothing on a sailing trip. In case, you have children with you then also take some other important belongings keeping in view the children.



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