Going to Delhi from Bangalore? Here are 5 tricks in which you can get maximum discount

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A person can be working in a corporate in Bangalore traveling to Delhi for a meeting, a travel junkie who is going to explore the beautiful city is known famously known as the capital of our present day government and many other in the history or simply going home to your family, booking a flight at the right moment is absolutely important. One cannot take it lightly because sooner or later you will realize that all of your savings and budget planning for anything is taken by a storm. One needs to be on top of his game to find the right time and book the flights.

One cannot be waiting always for those festive season offers. That does not do the trick. Your travel is going to be unexpected and one needs to be prepared for that kind of emergencies. That is not the only issue. The trip from Bangalore to Delhi can also be expensive considering the fact that both are metro cities with “N” number of people flying in and out every minute of the day. All you got to do is follow these simple tips and voila, you will have yourself some real inexpensive tickets every time you book them.

Rule No. 1 – Do not book your tickets on the weekend. If one notices, the prices of the tickets are more expected to be higher for the weekend starting from a Friday and then eventually drop by Tuesday. In fact, it is further believed that Wednesdays and Thursday’s are the best days to book a flight for, money wise. So be a little patient and wait for the right day of the week and then hit the book button while saving some of your hard-earned money.

Rule No. 2 – Before booking a flight, one always starts to check the prices every now and then tracking the prices of various airlines. But be careful, always use incognito to book your tickets. Remember that all your activities on the particular website are being tracked hence you witness the rise in ticket pricing whenever you book the website. This is an illusion that is being created by the company for the customers. Play smart. Always opt to book tickets on private or incognito mode. If not, then at least clear all the cookies or open the website in a new browser.

Rule No. 3 – Do not just open a website and book your tickets. Research well. Always visit multiple websites before making a final call. The best and the most convenient way to check which airline or company is offering cheaper ticket is by using flight comparison websites. They will make your task much easier and beneficial bringing you the best prices available online for you.  Another thing to keep in mind is that always select the entire month to check the price of the ticket rather than a specific date. This way you will be able to know which dates offer more affordable tickets.

Rule No. 4 – Yes, it’s been said a million times and here it is again, book the tickets well in advance. There cannot be more simple and helpful tip like this one. Planning your travel well ahead of time and booking the tickets accordingly is going to be an intelligent and budget-friendly decision. No discounts whatsoever are going to provide the price that one will get if getting the tickets done well ahead in advance.

Rule No. 5 – It is a popular belief that return tickets are much cheaper in rate. But as a matter of fact, if a person books his / her flight tickets of both sides from two different airlines, the price is going to be lesser. Research and then do some more research and one is sure to bump upon a page offering cheaper deals.

So here are these 5 tricks to book Bangalore to Delhi flight tickets. Following these simple rules will be very beneficial and will save you some extra cash. Be a smart customer and shop smartly by being aware of what all is offered to you and what all is actually available in the market to purchase.

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