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Why Go to Church When Everyone Else Isn’t?

Going to church these days has hardly become a priority for most people; in fact, church attendance has significantly fallen over the past few years. This is something that not only baptist churches can attest but other denominations as well. Yes, it is true that there are more than a handful of reasons why people no longer go to church, but haven’t you pondered on the thought that there also are very good reasons why you should go?

Jesus didn’t miss out on weekly worship.

Know that Jesus made sure He spent majority of His time at the place of worship. This started at such a young age. This is unfortunately quite the opposite to how children today view church as many feel that they don’t need to go. So, if our Lord made going to the place of worship a priority, then why shouldn’t we follow it?

The first Christians went to weekly worships, too.

According to the New Testament, the first Christians agreed to gather every first day of the week, which is Sunday, to make it the day intended for the Lord. The assembly of people was for good reason as everyone was keen on studying the Word of God and putting themselves in prayer. It’s just difficult to imagine that with all God’s blessings, more and more people are now turning their backs and are no longer honoring Him by visiting church every week.

God has made it clear to everyone that we need to go to weekly worship.

Remember that God’s declaration should be powerful enough to convince you how important it is to go to church. Some things are meant to be obeyed and followed as they are part of God’s declaration and one of them is worship. Every Christian, including you, should understand that it is our responsibility to obey God and the only way to show that is by going to church to profess our love for Jesus.

Going to church is good for you.

Yes, it’s true that you might find some other things to be more important than going to church, but you also have to realize that there are still six other days to spare. One of the reasons why people don’t go to church anymore is because they feel like they don’t get anything out of it. But deep within you, you have to dig deep and understand why churches were made in the first place. The Lord created the first day of the week for His people to spend for encouragement and spiritual edification. In other words, you must find yourself heading out to church not because you are doing God a favor; you’re doing it as a favor to yourself.

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