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Why Marketing Vis SMS Messaging is Extremely Effective

The majority of adults worldwide can communicate via mobile phone text messages. As such, business sms promotions are a special technique that can get to a very wide audience base in a short time, producing extremely remarkable outcomes. Provided that you’re target customers are voluntarily “opting in,” you can use sms marketing and experience outstanding conversation rates.

Your marketing campaign should include sms tools for reasons such as:

SMS Marketing is Direct and Immediate

SMS is among the most direct messaging channels you can find. You can always determine a specific target of an sms and when they’ll receive it if their line is on. Typically, sms takes not more than a second or two to reach the target’s phone, with an open rate of 97% 15 minutes after delivery. Basically, sms marketing has the best known lead-to-conversation rates. It’s a great channel for transmitting any time-relevant messaging to your current and future customers.

You Can Use of Simple Shortcodes

It’s possible to utilize shortcodes for your phone number and facilitate easier feedback as you establish a customer database. Typically, potential customers should be making the first move toward sms messaging, but you have to give them a shortcode via promotional activities including using print collateral, billboard ads, advertisement, and social media. This way, potential customers can easily link the shortcode with your company’s image, meaning that the prospects of them reacting and engaging get better.

It’s Compatible With Other Channels

All channels that are the backbone of your marketing mix must support each other, sms included. SMS stands out because it can yield an impressive outcome as a standalone channel, while it’s also capable of enhancing promotional activities such as via social networking and email marketing. As a case in point, you may send sms to customers reminding them to read an email that you sent hours or days earlier. You may only need to follow up with a simple message and ask, “have you already read our mail? What you’re trying to do here is prop your email marketing using sms, with the possibility of boosting email read rates by 30%.

SMS is a Great Consumer Survey Tool

If you wish to elicit customer responses via surveys, sms can help a lot. According to research, 31% of consumers do respond to survey questions via sms. Such responses will be received in 5 minutes, on average. What’s clear here is that sms is an effective channel for researching your customers and understanding them in a few minutes.

You may start using sms marketing right now for a chance to interact directly with your customers. Seeing as over 90% of customers receiving your sms will read it, the potential for conversions is extremely high.

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