Finding Ways To Keep Up With Animals

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The Benefits of your Dog to your Health

Dogs have become more than just pets – they are practically family. Dogs are the most friendly and accommodative pets around. Incidentally, they can also be used to keep their owners healthy and fit. For recent pet owners, especially dogs, there are many ways in which your dog will benefit you, apart from being your companion and friend.

Those who own dogs stand a greater chance of getting out of their houses to walk them, as compared to those who do not. This is irrespective of the breed of dog they own. They present a chance always to go out and exercise. Dog owners walk for two more times per week than those who do not own dogs. Dog walking does not have to be a fast-paced one. Even a gentle walk is enough to keep one fit. The walks can be either once or twice a day.

Dogs have been known to elevate the moods of their owners. You cannot play with a puppy and still feel depressed . A little time spent petting a puppy releases positive mood inducing hormones such as serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin.

Dogs have been seen to help their owners to deal with stress, especially when their owners acquire them from an early age and maintain them till there are mature. When you care for something other than yourself, you feel empowered by the responsibility. The ways to do this are through activities like washing the dog, feeding it, and giving it treats like those from Betsy Farms.

Another the way your dog will benefit you is by lowering your blood pressure. The action or stroking and feeling the touch of a dog is what stabilizes the pressure in blood. This is enhanced by their presence and companionship.

A group of children was experimented upon in a study. The aim was to find out the effect of dogs on their immune levels. It was seen that those who were kept around dogs had fewer instances of disease outbreaks than those who were kept away from dogs. It was seen that the action of vacuuming the carpet in a house lead to the spread of all the bacteria that dogs bring in from the outside when they go walking. The presence of many bacteria in the house made the children’s immune system work more, which in turn made them more prepared to combat any disease that came along. This is not an ideal way, but it has thus far worked.

Dogs have many other benefits and purposes, some of which are being only realized at the moment. A dog can tell when your body is changing. they have the ability to tell when your blood sugar is getting low. This ability is especially beneficial to those who have diabetes. A dog is not just a pet. They have proven to be more beneficial, and have become family members and friends to many of us.



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