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Estimating Cellular Tower Leasing Rate

Cellular Tower are steel structures that are constructed in a certain place to improve cellular network of a company. The choice of installing a cellular tower in a specific location is determined by several factors. Different communication industries install some cellular towers in a region due to several reasons. In many cases, the communication firm usually hires the land to install their structure. The cellular tower rates are usually paid out in accordance with the company mode of payment or through the arrangement of the landlord and the cellular company In some cases, the landowner is underpaid by the Cellular Tower Company since there is little information available concerning the cellular Tower leasing. In order to get the most out of the cellular tower, there are some activities that the landowner have to do before making an agreement with cellular tower company.

Find existing tower Cellular tower site in the area. The cost of leasing a land for a cellular tower do not vary in a region The client should ask the landowner the amount he/she get per month or year. The client should be more concern about the landowner of the same company that consulted his/her since payment vary among the cellular companies This will helps the landowner to come up with relevant estimation of his tower lease rate.

Looking for a tower lease consultant. Tower consultant have a lot of knowledge in the field. Based on there experience, they will be able to come up with the amount the client is to be paid at a glance They will also be able to figure out other factors such as the most probable location the tower can be installed in the region. An the honest and skilled consultant will help to figure out. The tower attorney should explain to the landlord all the steps involved in the signing of the tower lease agreement The consultant should go to the proposed site for the construction of the tower so that they make may relevant advice to the landowner.This will enable the landowner to get the agreed amount when it is due.
Determine the available options. When coming up with the site for the cellular tower, the firm may realize severally suitable locations. The landowner should be able to estimate the suitability of his/her land over others The landowner should not shy from demanding a higher pay when they realize that their land is the best for constructing a tower In advance cases, the landowner may make an effort to ask a different cellular firm on the approximate land lease rate.

Determined the cellular tower size in respect to those that are installed in the neighborhood. Large towers attract large amount of tower lease while smaller towers attract lower rates The consultant should approximate tell the cell tower land lease rates in the region and based on the size of the tower.

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