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What is Protein-Sparing Fasting?

People who are overweight are usually given the protein-sparing fast diet. The longevity of this diet program is for only a few weeks. Once this diet program is done the client has to proceed to the actual weight-loss program. The protein-sparing fast diet is helpful to those who are extremely obese but one has to consult experts first since it is not necessary beneficial to everyone.

The said diet is characterized by a minimum consumption of calorie and acceptable consumption of micronutrients to keep the person still in a good shape. You are actually starving yourself in adapting this diet, the upside is the preservation of your muscle mass. All of the calories come from the proteins you eat, and most of the calories you burn come from fat. Primarily, you will depend on fat for energy. With this diet, the reliance on carbohydrates for energy is prevented.

When observing the protein-sparing fast, make sure that you only eat food with high-quality protein content. The common meat that you would eat in this diet are chicken breast and tuna. Protein sources like tofu, protein, and cottage cheese are also good alternatives in this kind of diet. The lesser protein you have the more weight is lost by your body. There are other improvements in adapting the protein-sparing fast diet like having a healthier levels of blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids. Diabetic patients were recommended to have this diet based on some research. To combat dizziness during the initial phase of the diet plan, patients have to eat some more salt to improve their state of health. Aside from that, some of the patients had constipation and hair loss but in general they were motivated to lose weight.

What sets apart protein-sparing fast from rabbit starvation is the added medical-supervision for the patients undergoing it. In rabbit starvation, people undergo strenuous movements but in the protein-sparing fast they do not do that. Instead of having their muscles and organs getting broken down, it is the fat which is broken down because the diet is primarily for those who are obese. Dieticians make sure that their patients know all about the dangers of the diet program to their health, and the small amount of time for the program. Because of the significant weight-loss, patients have claimed of feeling hungry, feeling cold, and having low energy. Maintaining the loss of weight remains a challenge for those patients under this diet program however. Despite of that though, a patient can discipline himself or herself in order for the loss weight to continue on after the initial diet program is done. The weight-loss project does not stop with the protein-sparing fast, it transitions to another diet program to go on.

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