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Factors to Consider When Choosing Flea Medicine

The market is full of different brands of flea medicine. Flea medicine is used to treat infestation in both human and animal population. The medicine can treat bites caused by fleas in the process killing the fleas. Treatment of pets and the environment they live in can reduce flea infestation. Animals are attacked by adult fleas. The environment of pets is where you can find flea eggs, larvae and pupae.

If you pet has fleas that is a sure sign there is egg and larvae in your home. To effectively control fleas it is important to treat your environment and your pets. Vacuuming thoroughly your house especially under furniture edges and below the drapes can reduce up to 50% eggs of fleas. Areas that the pets spend most of their time should be vacuumed every day. Read on to see what you should consider when selecting flea medicine.

Age, species and health condition of your pet are key when choosing flea medicine. To kill fleas, topical medication is the most commonly used on the neck and shoulder blades. There are other flea medicine products that have repellant qualities to keep off fleas. Wash your pet regularly with mild shampoo that is sensitive to the skin of your pet. You should allow the shampoo to sit in for a few minutes before rinsing the pet.

Oral medication works by killing the flea immediately it bites the animal. You must be careful as many pets spit out the medicine. Though this is an effective method it is known to cause stomach upset on the pets. Heartworm diseases in cats and dogs can be prevented by oral medication. Collars have also become popular as they contain chemicals that kill fleas. They are cost effective but it is advisable to choose one that does not have a strong smell to avoid irritation to your pet.

It is advisable to spray your pets on a regular basis. In order for the spray to work, the pet must be dry. Do not spray the animal on the mouth and eyes. Powders can also be dusted on the body and rubbed well into the fur. Dip is a concentrated liquid that is mixed with water and applied to the pest then left to dry. In most cases dips are applied by professionals as they are very concentrated and need a lot of caution. When applying any of the mentioned products, it is important to protect your skin and eyes.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling any flea medicine. You can consult a vet specialist if all the above mentioned procedures fail. You can also view different sites where you can get different pet products from different manufactures. Customers rarely lie when they buy a product that worked for them, read reviews and check the company’s ratings.

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